Restaurant in the hotel - «West Park Hotel» in Kiev

The interior of the restaurant is made in a classical style, instantly raises the mood and envelopes with your solemn atmosphere any your event. You can spend pleasant evening with close people or sum up a successful business meeting, as well as just get a gastronomic and aesthetic pleasure from perfectly prepared and decorated dishes.

The restaurant is open from 08:00 until 23:00. From 08:00 to 11:00 - breakfast for guests from the hotel in Kiev - «West Park Hotel». More detailed information on the menu and restaurant operation can be obtained by sending an inquiry to E-mail info@westparkhotel.com.ua or by calling +38 (044) 594-39-19

The restaurant is a place where the desire to taste the delicious cooked dishes combined with the need for communication. Today, a visit to the restaurant is a common occurrence not only for gourmets. Here is a wonderful atmosphere for romantic dates. Restaurant hotel in Kiev in the life of society plays an important role. Banquets, anniversaries, and various events are held on a grand scale here.

Restaurant in a hotel for a wedding in Kiev

Wedding - the most happy, romantic holiday dedicated to love. To remember for a lifetime, you need to organize it correctly. When choosing a venue, you should pay attention to the general surroundings of the banquet hall, the level of service, and the taste of the dishes prepared. For celebrations there are restaurants for the wedding, among which you can choose the most suitable option.

Most newlyweds prefer just such an institution. The advantage is that wedding chores are minimized. The important role played by the availability of parking places. Since the invited guests come mainly in their cars, it should be spacious, guarded. In order for a wedding to take place without any kind of trouble, you need to know:

  1. How many seats are present in the banquet hall;
  2. The number of staff served;
  3. Working hours;
  4. Is there a dance floor and a playground for children in the restaurant.

Restaurant menu in Kiev hotel

Important, reflecting the concept of price plays the role of the menu in restaurants. The business card of the restaurant is a menu of various price categories. Compiled with the minimum range, the choice of national cuisine. This includes a list of snacks, meals, drinks. The enterprise determines the relevant specialization and work program. The restaurant menus differ by type:

  • Attendant;
  • The menu includes a la carte dishes at individual prices;
  • Menu, at fixed prices (conveniently staying at the hotel);
  • The tourist menu includes local national dishes.

Restaurant hotel for corporate parties in Kiev

Corporate events contribute to team building. To organize such a vacation is just half the task. The main thing is to find inexpensive restaurants for corporate parties. Order a restaurant for such events should be in advance. And on the New Year holidays ahead in a few months. Banquet hall should accommodate all those present, be equipped with a dance floor and lounge - area.

Rent a restaurant in a hotel for a birthday party in Kiev

Festive date to be remembered birthday and guests outside the home environment. There are restaurants for birthday parties providing comfortable conditions. Here there are only positive emotions, all wishes of the client are fulfilled. To prepare for the holiday you need:

  • By the number of places pre-book a reservation;
  • Order a script for the celebration;
  • Invite musicians;
  • Agree on the cost of the services of the waiters and the menu.

For guests participating in various events renting a restaurant in the hotel is a very popular service. Here you can rent conference rooms and provide comfortable accommodation for all guests. The hotel is a complex business structure that provides guests with comfort. It replaces its own home for some time.

Renting a restaurant is much more profitable financially. Professional service, gourmet cuisine able to satisfy the requirements of not only the connoisseur of dishes are components of a first-class establishment. Therefore, choosing a restaurant for your events, taking into account the advice, rest and fun will be remembered for a long time.